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・コントレックス 1.5L ×12本
・コントレックス 500ml ×24本
上代: オープン価格/ 1ケース

◆お問い合わせ:株式会社大香 ミネラルウォーター事業部


<Product information> [Release of CONTREX 30th anniversary bottle]
CONTREX natural mineral water from France is extremely hard water with a hardness of approximately 1468mg/L of calcium and magnesium. Its longtime fans have been mainly women with a high appreciation of beauty.
To celebrate 30 years of sales in Japan, we have released stylish anniversary bottles with a label depicting our ambassador character Clementine on environment-friendly clear bottles. They can be bought from Amazon.

【Product information】
・CONTREX 1.5L ×12 bottles
・CONTREXT 500ml ×24 bottles
Retail price: open pricing, sold by the case

◆Contact: Mineral Water Business Division, Daiko, Inc.